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4340 plate suppliers

4340 plate suppliers


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Advanced Global materials is the leading supplier of 4340 plate suppliers.  Contact us now for a price quote on 4340 plate suppliers.


Advanced Global Materials supplies 4340 plate suppliers to the United states and takes pride in rapid delivery and 100% customer satisfaction.  Advanced Global Materials is an internationally recognized distributor of specialty metals.   Supplying major industrial sectors worldwide.  Such as defense, aerospace, oil & gas, solar, wind turbine, pipeline, shipbuilding, medical instrument, satellite, rocket building and machine Shops with 4340 plate suppliers  Just to name a few.

  We specialize in 4340 plate suppliers and provide the following services for 4340 plate suppliers



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Defense: Advanced Global carries a full line of 4340 plate suppliers materials including high strength stainless steel grades, alloy steels, nickel, aluminum, and many more used for defense applications. Materials are certified to AMS, MIL-S-, ASTM, Boeing, GE, Lockheed, Northrop specifications. Full mill test reports supplied with all materials. DFARS / Domestic. 4340 plate suppliers Supplier

Aerospace: Alloys,4340 plate suppliers, aluminum, nickel, and titanium available upon request. Boeing, Airbus, GE, Lockheed, Northrop specifications met. Aerospace alloys are available for both military and commercial aircraft. Custom sizes, Consumable Electrode Remelted are our specialty. 4340 plate suppliers Supplier. We have supplied materials for the following aircraft: Boeing 787 / F22 / F35 / FA18 and many more. DFARS / Domestic.


Marine: Specializing in 4340 plate suppliers, marine grade nickel alloys, 200, 625, 718 Monel 400, K500 and many more. High strength corrosion resistant alloys. For ship building.  We also supply a full range of pipe, flanges and fittings made from hard to find alloys such as 70/30 - 90/10 copper nickel fittings.


Electronic: Stainless steel, aluminum, nickels in ultra thin sizes. For the production of processors, conductors and many more electronic components. 4340 plate suppliers Supplier


Power Generation Industry: Advanced Global specializes in a wide variety of metals to accommodate this industry. Supplying high strength alloys, corrosion resistant nickels, stainless steel grades, high pressure quality materials 4340 plate suppliers

available in plate, sheet, bar, pipe, tube


 Inventory in addition to 4340 plate suppliers

Alloy 4340

4340 Alloy Steel


Alloy 4130

AMS 6414

AMS 6415

AMS 5659

AMS 5629

AMS 5525


AMS 5731

AMS 5737

AMS 5732


AMS -S-5000

ASTM A 331

ASTM A 322

Alloy 4330

AMS 6411


AMS 6419

AMS 5759

AMS 5662

AMS 5663


AMS 5667

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